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We treat disorders related to MUSCULOSKELETAL and NERVOUS SYSTEM.

It may range from relatively mild ligament and muscle strains, to fractures or dislocation, to spinal cord damage. At Osto Chiro, we treat your injuries with a combination of modern and additional approach and most importantly, with professionalism. Furthermore, we will ascertain the root cause of the symptoms as we targeted to achieve completely curable for most of the conditions.


We focus more on the spine as it being the most important bone in our body. While most of the slight misalignment of spine are painless and persists without symptom for years; in later days, it might cause physical discomfort.

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What our clients Say

Mr Jensen is someone I would highlight recommend. My first visist was as I expected. After the 5th visit I was feeling much better. He is gentle and knows what he is doinng. Jim Guan Kooi

Jim Guan Kooi


I suffer from aches and pains, especially on my right arms. After a few sessions with Master Jensen my arm movement gradually improved and now my backache is gone.

Rina Tan